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We are not currently casting any films ; thanks to the freeze on the Iowa Tax Incentives which has been extended until July 1, 2013.

Please check for updates; and write to your legislators asking them to support the film industry in Iowa!

"Splatter" has been accepted at the following film festivals as of June, 2010: Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival; Dances With Films (Los Angeles); The San Antonio International Film Festival and the Central Florida Film Fest. More to come ….

“True Grit” starring Matt Daemon & Jeff Bridges. Currently in post production.

"Smitty" starring: Peter Fonda and Mira Sorvino.

"The Experiment" starring: Forest Whitaker and Adrien Brody is in post. Check out:

"The Offering" is in post.

"Collapse" film starring Chris Mulkey & Karen Landrey. Currently in post production.

"Peacock" starring Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy & Susan Sarrandon is available on DVD.

"16 to Life” is doing amazing things at festivals around the world. Check it out:

Despite the current problems with the tax incentives, Iowa has an indigenous film industry and we will continue to need talented REGIONAL AND LOCAL actors to fill a variety of principal, speaking and featured roles. There are many ways for you to stay informed about auditions:
  1. Be sure you get on the mailing list for the Iowa Film Office.
  2. Join the Iowa Motion Picture Association
  3. Get an agent!
  4. Check our web page regularly.
  5. Submit your headshot and resume to PMS Casting! We are currently only accepting submissions only on an as needed project-by-project basis
And be sure to contact your legislators in support of the Iowa Film Tax Incentive. Help the Iowa Film Industry to grow and thrive.

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